Beware: When Your Favorite Service Shuts Down (HP Upline and Symantec GoAnywhere)

HP Upline, was an online backup and file sharing service HP launched in the Spring of 2008.
In the winter of 2009 HP shut the service down. I assume the service was shut down as it did not get the number of users HP was looking for.
In February 2009, Symantec launched GoEverywhere, a service, enabling secure access to hosted applications. I just received an email today, one sent to all beta customers, that this service has been shut down.
In fairness to Symantec, this service was a “beta” program and labeled as such. Which means “still in the testing phase” and not released to the “general” public as it were.
Google’s Gmail is still under beta as well. Should we worry about it going away at some point?
What does this mean to you?
When companies, big or small, launch new services, be careful in throwing all of your time and money into it. Most of the time, companies launch products and the product stays around.
However, as more companies (especially large ones), look for new revenue streams and have the resources to quickly create new online services, as opposed to the extensive resources it takes to launch a traditional boxed product, you might find more “beta” products being launched. These beta products, (sometimes they won’t even be labeled beta), could be discontinued if they don’t generate enough of a user based

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