Book: Can You Really Get Rich Quick Online? Maybe.

eriches.jpgI hate “get rich quick” schemes and initially was not going to even tell you about a new book that’s out. However, although the title of the book is a bit “hyped”, there are things inside that we could all learn from
For smaller businesses who need to leverage everything they can, the Internet makes it cheap and easy to do MORE with LESS.
As the book’s press release states, Web-savvy entrepreneurs, let alone managers of brick-and-mortar companies with no e-business experience, trying to get a handle on all the new opportunities for marketing online can be overwhelming.
In e-RICHES 2.0: Next-Generation Marketing Strategies for Making Millions Online (AMACOM; June 9, 2009; $25.00 Hardcover), author Scott Fox gives anyone, whether they run an online business or are seeking to expand their real-life business on to the web, an edge on profiting from the largest, fastest, and most cost-effective communications and commerce platform on earth.
He delivers practical details and specific, tactical steps to help readers select and maximize the best online strategies for positioning, promoting, publicizing, and selling their product or service. Throughout, Fox provides examples from his personal experience and other inspiring, real-world case studies, plus lots of smart tips and profitable facts.
Inside you’ll information information on how to:

  • Convert online customers into loyal fans and continually welcome, engage, and monitor feedback from your audience.
  • Publish e-mail newsletters that motivate customer interaction and boost sales.
  • Join the right social network, make friends with prospective customers, and create a niche group around your product or brand.
  • Start a blog that explicitly communicates the priorities of your business, while keeping each entry interesting and useful, inspiring, or provocative.
  • Get great online PR by making it easy for reporters to do their jobs.
  • Attract customers—and search engines—with online article syndication.

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