Boosting Online Sales Is More Than Web Sites, Email Newsletters and E-Commerce

Once you have in place your nice web site, email newsletter, ecommerce functionality and other elements that are indeed critical to selling more online you must then really consider the advertising copy, messages, incentives and other elements that you use to encourage more sales.
On a side note and for your further information, I’ve found Wilson Web, Clickz and Marketingsherpa to be great resources for all things online.
What are some easy things you can do to boost sales, especially during holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc?. Check out these tips from Campaigner.
Help customers decide with gift suggestions – Last minute shoppers appreciate suggestions to help them compare and decide on a purchase. Present 3-4 top gift ideas, preferably with attractive photo images to help harried shoppers make a quick purchase. Gift certificate suggestions are also helpful for shoppers who want to leave the gift selection up to Mom. Offer online gift certificates that shoppers can print and slip into a card.
Appeal to last minute shoppers with ‘final days’ offers – Put a ticking counter on your email marketing promotions and web site counting down the final shopping days and offer special deep discounts for each day, encouraging online or in-store purchases right down to the wire! You’ll also help procrastinators feel good about shopping with you at the last minute, which could lead to additional purchases in the future.
Make it easy with special shipping and delivery incentives – Shoppers scrambling for gifts need to know their last minute purchases will arrive on time. Close the sale by calming anxious shoppers with special express shipping and delivery offers. Free shipping and delivery always sweeten the deal. Make sure you feature these offers prominently in you email marketing promotions so shoppers know at a glance that they can find the right gift and get it to Mom on time!
Get 2 for 1 offers – You have their attention, so encourage shoppers to get something for themselves with “Graduate” and Me promotions (for example). Buy now for Father’s Day and immediately receive a special something for yourself at a discount, or free rewards such as a T-shirt or cap branded with your store logo. You can also offer a 15% discount for holiday shoppers to use on a future purchase.
Encourage future purchase with customer rewards – Offer special discounts, coupons and rewards for purchases made during the last ten days before the holiday that shoppers can use on future purchases. Give shoppers the opportunity to sign up for frequent buyer, customer rewards and birthday gift programs, gathering additional profile information from participating customers that you can use for improving the timing and targeting of future email marketing campaigns.
If your web site is old and stale, or your email newsletter marketing has not been refreshed in years, spruce it up visually and with these marketing tips.