Contests: Skype, GoToMeeting and Ideablob

Everyone (well many people) loves contests. You can compete and win prizes for all sorts of reasons. Why do you think local carnival games are so popular and you only win a stuffed animal.
Skype has launched a contest to hear form its most ardent users how they use and love Skype.
Ideablob, inspired by credit card company Advanta, has a contest to award $10,000 per month to businesses with the most voted on ideas. Pretty simple and pretty popular.
I’ve recently received news about a contest from Gotomeeting.
They want users who use Gotomeeting – or would use it – to create a commercial for Gotomeeting. The commercial that’s the best, according to a panel of judges, gets $30,000 in cash and an opportunity for their commercial to be used in a Super Bowl commercial.
What does this mean to you? Two things:
1. With the only cost being your time, you can enter contests about the products you love and win some much needed money.
2. To generate “buzz” from your customers or the public overall, consider launching a contest for your own business. It’s not hard to do. but make sure your rules are legal and that the contest is properly organized.
Here’s an audio lesson from Small Business Trends Radio on mistakes to avoid when creating a contest for your business.

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