Hiring Expertise For Profitable and Strategic Growth Is A Must

elanceindexmay.jpgOptimists will say things like: “During a recession you can become strong” or “You can be more disciplined in your spending and ready to bounce back when customers spend more”
Pessimists will see only tragedy and doom.
Although times are quite tough, small businesses ARE HIRING. What does this mean? People with the right skills are making money and businesses have money to hire for business growth.
The May edition of the “Elance Online Work Index“, ranks the hottest skills in-demand by small business.
The Index is based on data from more than 100,000 jobs posted on Elance’s website (which I use) over recent months.
The demand for online work is growing across a variety of skill sets as small businesses face tighter budgets and growing workloads. Marketing and IT departments in particular are increasingly hiring online as an alternative to hiring full-time.
The index shows that the top jobs in demand are: programming, article writing, design work and web site building.
Online writing, sales, marketing strategy, iphone development, telephone etiquette, twitter, Microsoft Access, Google analytics, video editing, non-fiction writing, and a few others all grew by 10 points or more.
Elance’s index shows that if you want to grow your business you don’t have to be an expert yourself, you don’t have to hire an employee and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can hire someone, probably at a bargain rate and get expertise to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.