icyte (software/service): Manage, Store and Organize Web Content (Productivity Booster!)

icyte.pngIt’s the “little” tools that make using computers a joy – or at least more productive than they often are right out of the box.
For what seems like years, I’ve used delicious, online bookmarking service, which helps you tag and categorize your bookmarks. The challenge is that at times, when you go back to a bookmarked web site – the link is invalid or page is gone.
icyte solves this by not only storing the link but also saving the page associated with the link and the highlighted portion of the page you are “cyting”.
For those of you who conduct research on your competition, research before going into a client meeting or desk research for a new product – icyte is one of those tools that you wonder how you lived without.
Read more about icyte and why it’s useful here.
Two more tools you’ll want to download are Anagram from Textual (dump contact data into Outlook, Salesforce and other contact databases) and Texter (expand abbreviations into longer words or full sentences)