New Vendor Web Site: – Full Of Information For Building Great Web Sites

There’s an increasing number of vendors, making web sites chock full of REAL information related to the products and services they offer.
Citrix has a web site all about non-traditional work environments. HP has a series of videos with Revision 3 here. These are just two that I can think of, but I know there are more.
Other vendors, such as Symantec, and Intuit have web sites that are full of information respectively related to security, online marketing and all things building a small business.
Web site host Verio has launched a nice new web site, that provides a lot of information helping businesses build better web sites.
You can check out for yourself but the press release reads that it is devoted to providing resources and sharing best practices for website planning, building, hosting and marketing specifically designed for the SMB. All in an effort to help SMBs become more successful online, provides educational and informational content, offers peer to peer networking and collaboration and also gives SMBs the opportunity to contribute content to a network of small businesses around the world.
My own 10 Web Site Musts is a great read as well.