Peachtree 2010: Focus On Customers and Contacts

peachtree2010box.jpgEvery year, the software accounting vendors upgrade their software, putting in the latest and greatest features and options. What goes inside is determined by customer requests and what new features management comes up with.

Peachtree by Sage 2010
is out and includes a nice set of new features. One set of features I’ll highlight is the emphasis on customers.
The new customer management center lets you manage and access more customer data from within Peachtree. For example, according to the press release, you can:

  • Save time by viewing the details you need all-in-one-place to better manage and service your customers.
  • Create a customizable dashboard view of your customer’s information such as their converted and unconverted quotes, invoices, receipts, time tickets, aged balances, items sold, and much more. Drill down to the detail and quickly take action.
  • Save time by looking up customers quickly based on their id, phone number or any of their contact information or recently looked up customers, and filter further based on date ranges. Utilize the Recent Selections link to quickly pull up customers who you have already viewed.
  • Easily export customer information to Excel® or PDF or launch an e-mail from the Customer Management Center.

There’s a lot more in this new edition, but that’s a taste.
Like past editions, my advice is the same.
If you are a Peachtree customer and use the product on a daily basis and rely on it a lot – the upgrade is probably worth it.
If you don’t use Peachtree that much, take a look and consider if it’s worth it for you.
For those of you using QuickBooks or Microsoft Accounting, you should probably stick with what you’re using unless you find a compelling reason to use Peachtree and/or you just hate the product you are with now.
If you are one of the many businesses still relying on paper and pencil and/or Excel to manage your finances, you’re wasting time, probably losing money and definitely losing productivity every day you are not using an accounting program to help manage your cash flow and overall finances.
Have a look at You can download and try Peachtree for free right here.