The Hunt for (Accurate) Leads Is Easy, If You Have The Right Tool – Linkedin vs Jigsaw

Jigsaw lets you buy contact information for professionals by a) inputting your own contact information or b) correcting an existing contact.
They’ve got a new service, Jigsaw Data Fusion, for larger companies, that lets you connect your CRM tool to Jigsaw and get an unlimited number of contacts. Your large database feeds Jigsaw, and gets cleaned and gives an unlimited number of fresh contacts for your sales team.
I did a quick test of Jigsaw, as compared to Linkedin. With Jigsaw I could purchase the contact information for a producer as Fox News Network. Jigsaw had 456 contacts at Fox News.
I did a search through LinkedIn for the same information and found 38 hits. The two services specialize in connecting you with other professionals but their approach is quite different.
One, LinkedIn works by giving you access to professionals through your own networks, and the other works by giving you access to the professionals directly (provided you have enough credits).
As you fight harder and harder for your current customers, knowing how to use a tool like Jigsaw and LInkedIn can give you an edge. Read what I’ve written about Jigsaw in the past here.

One thought on “The Hunt for (Accurate) Leads Is Easy, If You Have The Right Tool – Linkedin vs Jigsaw

  1. ArcherTC

    That said, there are a number of reasons to prefer LinkedIn:
    One, the information is submitted voluntarily by the staff person themselves and updated to reflect their own career development, educational backgrounds, and even things like recent trips or blogs (if they want to make that visible). This is the kind of information you cannot get from a business card (the core of how Jigsaw’s data is built.)
    Two, networking in LinkedIn’s groups gives you the chance to learn more about the trarget industry, develop your presence as a resource, and increase the chances that you are found by your targets (i.e. inbound marketing).
    Three, if there is someone within your network through whom you can receive a personalized introduction, that will give you more leverage than merely a cold call alone.
    While the 58 current (I checked) FoxNews staffers on LinkedIn may not be the contacts you want, the profiles are likely to be more robust. As a daily user of LinkedIn, I can honestly say that it’s been a boon to my work.

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