Three Technology Buying Guides: Affordable, Easy To Use, Fast To Implement

Thumbnail image for checkboxes.jpgThe economy is hitting EVERYONE very hard.
Those businesses that are on the brink of closing their doors, firing customers and looking like GM – but on a smaller level – your needs and the solutions to get out of your dilemma are clearly going to be different than those businesses that are doing relatively well in these challenging times.
To the later types of businesses, let your relatively strong position give you time to think about what technology you should consider and what technology you should NOT consider for your business.
Wasp Barcode has seen its share of revenue decrease. According to a recent press release, the company’s first-quarter sales were off 24 percent compared to the same period last year. However, revenue steadily improved during the quarter, with March showing 15 percent sales growth over February, which likewise had increased over January.
Alone, Wasp Barcode is not a barometer of small business purchases, however, its bar code solutions are an interesting indicator of what small businesses are investing in.
Wasp’s general manager, Tom O’Shea, expressed one growth area for many small businesses, especially those that are struggling and looking for ways to do more, with less.
He said, “There is a huge opportunity for us to reach the millions of small businesses that still rely on time-consuming, manual methods to manage inventory, track assets, tally timesheets and more.”.
Lesson One: For those businesses still doing a lot of work using manual labor (such as having a secretary collate incoming faxes!), it’s time to automate as many steps as you can.
Why not set up easy to use forms (I use Google Docs) wherein the end user enters their own data – for example?
Lesson Two: Technology with the best ROI is often affordable, easy to use and quick to implement. You should not ignore important technologies that don’t meet this criteria, but this is a good rule to follow, especially when your budget is tight.
Remember: Is it affordable? Is it easy to use? Is it fast to implement?