TrialPay: Online Retailers Can Give Shoppers Powerful Incentives To Buy

Retailers are always looking for any and every edge to increase their sales and profits. It’s one thing to get customers to visit your web site. It’s quite another thing to get customers to buy. With the competition literally being “a mouse click away”, online retailers must fight to give customers the best experience and best value when shopping online.
There’s a neat and quite innovative service I’d like to share with you – TrialPay.
Here’s how it works:
A customer is visiting your web site and maybe they are looking to buy a new pair of jeans. You could offer them the jeans “for free” by giving them the option of buying a pair of shoes from
Maybe you want visitors to fill out an online form. You could give them an incentive and tell them that if they they can get $20 off their next purchase of flowers from if they fill out the survey, for example.
David’s Cookies uses TrialPay and using TrialPay, customers can send cookies, cakes and other goodies to friends and family as a means of paying for products at thousands of leading merchant sites. As the TrialPay platform is adopted by more merchants, David’s Cookies’ sales continue to grow significantly. In 2008, David’s Cookies TrialPay sales have gone up 400%, paving the way for more high-profile opportunities.
I had to read and re-read Trialpay’s information to really understand it. However, providing customers with good incentives for a variety of actions on your retail site could be quite awesome.
Check it out and let me know what you think.