Automated Calling Systems: Improve Customer Service. Save Paper and Manpower.

Thumbnail image for phone keys.jpgDespite my recent rage against the automated phone call machine, I do find appointment confirmations, prescription refill alerts, and school lunch money reminders to be very convenient.
If your company needs to reach large numbers of people at once, you might want to consider using a voice broadcasting service like Kwikcall or Ifbyphone instead of doing a mass mailing. Say you want to send an update to event attendees, a notice to employees, a sale alert to customers, or send a special offer to prospects – a group calling service allows you to call hundreds or thousands of people at one time.
Both services let you record a message, upload a file of phone numbers to call, and schedule the campaign. A very important feature is that you can customize the transfer phone number that your call recipients will be connected to if they do want to speak with a live person.

offers voice broadcasting as part of a much larger package of telephone services, and pricing is based on different service packages. Kwikcall specializes in automated calling services and lets you buy blocks of credits that are used toward the messages you send.

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,