Ensure Your Next Video Conference Goes Well: Etiquette Tips To Know

More and more of us are conducting video conferences. However, are we doing what it takes to properly prepare for them? Are we acting properly during the conference call?
ooVoo is an awesome service for video conferencing and provides some tips for etiquette here. I like it because you can record your video conference, you can have several callers in a “multi-party” video conference and the quality is pretty good.
Here’s ooVoo’s tips:
Be Prepared
Schedule video calls in advance with all parties, even for one-on-one meetings, unless you already know your party likes drop-ins.
Make sure everyone is on the same page by creating an agenda and share it in advance so that the video call is as productive as possible .
Pick a facilitator or person in charge who will take responsibility for introductions and leading the discussion and cutting off any over-exuberant participants.
Video chat is perfect for demonstrations and showing product. Remember to bring props and visuals to take advantage of the show and tell atmosphere.
Test before you call: a quick microphone, speaker and lighting check will help you be seen and heard with the best quality.
Dress properly as you would for any business meeting – avoid bright colors, which are particularly distracting on video and avoid dangling jewelry .
Mute your cell phone, landline, Blackberry and other devices that can interrupt your meeting.
Ask permission if you wish to record a video chat. Privacy is expected until consent is given otherwise.
Video chat helps eliminate the barriers of distance but make sure you are aware of the cultural do’s and don’ts of international clients and colleagues.

During the Video Call
Make a positive first impression by properly introducing yourself and/or others in attendance. Don’t let the cool factor of having global connections on video chat distract you from the important first steps.
Pay attention and listen – if you try to fake it, you’ll be caught. So no looking down at your Blackberry during the meeting and no multi-tasking.
Don’t interrupt or speak over people – especially when on a multi-party video conference – it’s no different from when you’re sitting in the same room together.
Avoid side conversations – it’s as rude in video chat as it is in person.
Be polite and engage everyone on the call whether you are on a 3-way, 4-way, or 6-way call, Use this setting and ooVoo to become a strong networker and leader.
Acknowledge the power of your body language – consider how you are perceived from someone else’s point of view and avoid personal gestures such as hair playing, scratching, picking, etc.
Remember you are meeting face to face on clear, high-quality video, so remain aware of your facial expressions. Monitor them so you send the right message.
Sit up straight! A video chat is the time to practice your posture. It’ll make you look interested and polished.
Be mindful of background noises. Try to avoid loud sounds like whistling and door slamming. Speak clearly and slowly as microphones don’t always do the human voice justice.
Reserve time to eat before or after the call, as eating looks messy and can be loud and distracting.