Install Caller ID For Your Web Site. Turn Your Web Site Into More Than Just A Passive, Digital Business Card

Most of our web sites are no better than digital brochures that serve as static icons of our businesses. They tell visitors, when they find them, who we are, what we do and how to contact us.
Some web sites are more than digital brochures and are chock full of white papers, video demos and other things that are powerful and useful sales tools for prospective customers and to reinforce sales to current customers.
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew more about your web site visitors when they visited your web site?
Using Google analytics, as many of you already use, you can view basic information about your web site visitors such as the number of page views, most frequently visited web pages, what web sites referred visitors.
Web analytics vendor VisiStat recently announced a new service, LeadCaster, which identifies the company with which the web site visitor is originating from. The identified company, is then linked to sales contact database Jigsaw and social network LinkedIin.
So what does this mean for you?
This means that when visitors come to your web site, you’ll be able to know what company they are at and match the corporate information to individuals at these companies.

“The development of our LeadCaster technology successfully bridges the gap between sales and marketing. LeadCaster identifies the companies on your Website ‘right now,’ providing warm leads to sales organizations,” said Tina Bean, Director of Sales and Marketing for VisiStat, Inc.
LeadCaster competes directly with Demandbase.
If you are not using any analytics, immediately check out Google’s free analytics tool, so you can get a taste of the rich amount of data you can know about your customers.
Using this information you might find out that many prospective customers are visiting your web site at night. Would it make sense to have a toll free number or online chat available up to 11:00pm. Maybe you see that 2 or 3 web pages on your web site are most popular. Could this give you an indication of a special product, service, or offer that you might want to market more.
Once you experiment with the power of free statistics have a look at fee based statistics, such as VisiStat, which can provide much more information, such as real time sales leads.
LeadCaster costs $1,369 per year.