Lenovo’s Latest Notebook T400s: Strong. Light. Feature Rich.

At the outset many notebooks are the same, but after you take them through their paces and get to know them up close you realize that they are not all the same and in fact are quite different. Nearly a year ago I was in Asia and brought along notebooks from four different vendors. All were quite similar – keyboards, screens, memory, hard disks. But day-to-day computing brought out the glaringly subtle differences in all of them.
Lenovo’s latest computer, the Thinkpad T400s, continues the Thinkpad tradition of being simply one of the best notebooks around.
For a “full size” notebook, it’s surprisingly light yet strong.
It’s taken the slimness of the X300 (Lenovo’s very small notebook) and expanded it into a full size notebook computer for all day long, serious, and professional computing.
With almost six hours of battery life, you’ll compute almost the entire day and do so in comfort as Lenovo designers have paid particular attention to the keyboard key placement, improved the video and microphone quality, and boosted the speaker volume.
Lenovo’s press release further expands on the improved features:
Keyboard: Users spend a lot of time on their keyboards, and a comfortable, easy to use keyboard plays a big role in their overall satisfaction with their PC. Lenovo found the average user hits the Delete and the Escape key 700 times each a week. To help improve the typing experience, Lenovo made these buttons larger. With many people eating lunch at their desks, Lenovo tightened up the spaces between the keys to help avoid crumbs that would otherwise fall below the keyboard.
Touchpad: Improvements were also made to the touchpad in order to help keep the laptop thin. The new touchpad lays flush with the palm rest and has a new, textured feel that allows users to feel the touchpad’s location without looking down. And with multitouch technology on the touchpad, users can easily scroll, pinch and zoom through documents.
VOIP: Because more people are using PC’s for unified communications at the office, at home or on the road, Lenovo optimized its latest laptop to make voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls simple. There are three main ingredients for a high quality VOIP experience – the quality of the video, the quality of the audio and the quality of the network connection. For a great video experience, Lenovo equipped the laptop with a two megapixel camera for better quality images and to help in low lighting conditions. Lenovo also pumped up the speaker volume more than two times greater than audio levels on the ThinkPad T400s laptop and added a convenient toggle switch at the top of the keyboard to increase and decrease volume. A similar feature can be found on the steering wheel of sports cars. Finally, Lenovo’s range of connectivity options give uses flexibility in how they want to connect online.
I’ve used a lot of notebooks over the years and in fact I’m typing on a Dell E6400 (which the T400s competes head on with); have an HP mini notebook (netbook); and an older Lenovo 3000 sits in “archive”.
Lenovo’s T400s continues the tradition of Thinkpad mobile computing excellence.
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