Toshiba’s New NetBook: Powered USB. Revolutionary Productivity

Netbooks, those small mini notebook computers are not so “new” anymore. However, one new entrant in the field is Toshiba’s mini NB205. It’s got a lot of neat features but one that I really like is a USB port with Sleep-and-Charge that enables users to charge various consumer electronics devices even when the unit is turned off.
This feature sounds pretty small, but it is so important. Many of our devices can be charged with USB ports. But when our computers are off, we can’t charge these devices through the computer’s USB port. Being able to do this means that your computer can not only be a computing device but also a hub for powering your electronic peripherals.
With its long life, many colors, textured surface, full size keyboard and more, Toshiba’s new netbook is definitely something to be considered.
Get more information on Toshiba’s NB205 here.
As you consider buying technology for your busy life style it is absolutely critical that you consider the core specifications (such as memory, hard disk and screen size – in the case of a notebook computer) but also small details like a powered USB port. These “neat features” can make the difference between average productivity and beyond the normal productivity.