Want To Create Slick, Eye Catching, Profitable, Sales Winning Presentations That Work: Faculte

faculte-screen-grab.jpgI was recently clued into a a service, Faculte that offers a drop dead simple, feature rich and quite fun solution to create presentations and slide shows – what they call broadcasts.
Faculte is NOT filled with confusing menus or hard to use options, but Faculte (yeah I tried it myself) is slick and its web service operates better than any desktop program.
Let’s take a step back.
Making a winning presentation is always important. But it is especially important when YOU are up against your competition and when EVERY SINGLE SALE COUNTS.
Maybe you are not giving a presentation but you’re tired of your staff or employees not reading your corporate messages.
You need an easy solution to create great presentations.
Whatever reason you need to deliver a presentation Faculte can help you do it fast, easy and make you look quite professional.
What’s more is that Faculte let’s you capture leads, set access permissions and take control of your own video message.
Try it out. I don’t know what their fee will be once they are out of beta, however, whatever it is, assuming it’s aggressive, it’ll be worth it to sign up for the paid account and train one or more of your staff in using its powerful features.