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Work from Anywhere: Choosing a Remote Access Solution

The use of hosted applications, also known as Software as a Service (or SaaS), continues to grow for many reasons. Hosting your data “in the cloud” rather than maintaining your own servers, not needing to update software, and having remote access to software applications are just a few. In theory, the more hosted apps you […]

The True Cost of Tech Downtime And How To Avoid It: CMIT Solutions Jeff Connally

CMIT Solutions headquartered in Austin, TX, has over 100 national franchises ofCo local computer consultants. Based on my personal experience CMIT’s franchise owners are not simply propeller headed geeks, but are truly passionate about ensuring their business clients are successfully using technology to grow their business. Instead of charging an hourly rate, CMIT charges one […]

Inventory and Warehouse Management: Hosted or Software? and Other Answered Questions (looking at SmartTurn)

Every business has something to sell. Some business sell services – their expertise (like an accountant, lawyer, artist) others sell you time or convenience (like a cleaning company or oil change shop). For those businesses who sell physical products, your operation takes an entirely different perspective. You have products that need to go from your […]