Blogging Increases Web Site Traffic: HubSpot Customer Study Shows

You’ve heard that having a blog can increase your web site traffic, but for the many of you who DO NOT have a blog and/or who are not maximizing the blog, knowing HOW beneficial blogging can be for your business might push you to really take an initiative to develop a “blog” plan, create a blog and being publishing.
Blogging is an important asset to your overall communication strategy for four reasons:

  • Enables you to have fresh content for your online audience (be that audience customers, employees, partners or prospects)
  • Boosts your rankings in the search engines. Search engines LOVE fresh content and links to other web sites.
  • Enables people to comment on what you have written. This commenting can foster customer support; encourage the development a community around your products/services; give you insight into your customer thoughts and more.
  • Helps you to easily seed content to social media services (such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) which can further the extension of your brand.

Hubspot conducted a study which reinforces the importance of blogging.
Hubspot looked at 1,531 customers, half who blogged and half who did not and found that:
Companies that blog have far better marketing results. Specifically, the average company that blogs has 55% more visitors; 97% more inbound links; 434% more indexed pages.
Don’t you WANT more traffic and overall activity focused on your companies brand, products or services. Blogging is one key ingredient to make this happen.

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