Hosted Application Backup Tools: The Race Has Begun

Hosted applications are wonderful, until your hosted application service provider loses your data, goes out of business or something similarly dreadful.
I didn’t thank there was a solutions on the market to backup hosted applications, until now.
New Jersey based LTech (, which has products and services focused on connecting business to the cloud, announced the availability of LTech Google Docs Backup, a new downloadable tool for improved backup, archiving and management of Google Docs.
The application can be downloaded at Google Docs Backup
LTech, it appears, has developed an app to backup only Google Docs, right now, but I suspect that in the coming months we’ll see more and more solutions available to backup other data as well.
Think about all the hosted applications you use like (online documents), QuickBooks Online, HyperOffice and so many others. Unlike your desktop computer or server, there’s no software to backup your data.
I envision a two-pronged backup world: One where the hosted application vendors offer offline backup solutions and one where vendors like LTech and larger ones such as Symantec provide hosted application data backup solutions.

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