Is QuickBooks Too Complicated? CEO Of WorkingPoint Thinks So.

workingpoint.jpgSome of you might remember NetBooks, which I covered here.
NetBooks was founded by QuickBooks co-creator Ridgely Evers who designed it as a platform to help you run and manage your business.
Using Netbooks you can import your contacts, assign action items and inventory, generate invoices, track expenses and payables, produce financial reports and more. NetBooks was initially designed to be simpler than NetSuite yet offer more than QuickBooks.
A few months ago, there were murmurs in the media that NetBooks might have shut down. This is clearly not true. It went through a quiet period of reorganization. That reorganization has led to three main things, which I recently discussed with Netbooks new CEO Tate Holt.
First of all, Netbooks is now WorkingPoint. The “netbooks” name has been over taken by the popular mini-computer buzz so the founders figured a new name that was not synonymous with another tech product was best.

Secondly, Netbooks basic services are free. Premium features will include time tracking and iPhone access. I expect over the months that more premium features will launch.
WorkingPoint’s target market has shifted to small business, entrepreneurs and owners just starting a business who don’t need the complexity of QuickBooks, want a simple, yet still functional and feature rich software that they can use to manage the important functions of their business.These functions include: finances/cash flow, contacts and sales.
Tate explained to me that QuickBooks is a fantastic product but still complicated for many businesses and 90% of the functionality is not used by the average customer. Tate said that WorkingPoint’s, “breadth of offerings” and that fact that its core product is free forever, are two compelling reasons to look at Workingpoint.
If you ever want to leave WorkingPoint and use another product, you own your data and can export your data and transactions.
If your needs for running your business are simple, such as keeping track of contacts, managing your cash and genrating invoices, you’ll find WorkingPoint’s combination of features useful.
As your needs grow and you require more robust contact management or genuine CRM functionality; maybe more mature accounting features and other things that a growing business might need you might outgrow WorkingPoint.
There are so many solutions available to help you run and manage your business. The important thing is to pick which one, or combination is best for you.

2 thoughts on “Is QuickBooks Too Complicated? CEO Of WorkingPoint Thinks So.

  1. Scott Gregory

    I’m glad to see some competition evolve against QuickBooks with the WorkingPoint product.
    Regardless of the product being used, it is essential that the business owner get connected with someone who is knowledgeable about accounting, especially when they first get started. Otherwise, they will make setup and other mistakes that will cost them a lot more with their tax accountant to clean up at the end of the year.
    I always ask clients – “do you do your own oil changes”? The answer is usually no, as they say they don’t have the time or expertise. The same applies to business bookkeeping, especially when it comes to the expertise part.

  2. gyurmedondup

    Hi Ramon:
    I am using Peachtree Wholesale Premium version. However, I have been looking for hosted version and there is nothing hosted inventory that has Inventory Serial Number offering. Whatever is there, it is so expensive like $500/monthly.
    I wish quickBook online has Inventory Serial number system or Peachtree Wholesale Premium hosted.
    I am sure it will come, but a matter of waiting perhaps for 2-3 more years. If you know any hosted Accounting that offers Inventory Serial Number at affordable price (like @100/monthly, I would be happy to sign in.) I also checked and and have great features, but at the great cost.

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