Live Streaming Video: Save Travel Costs While Boosting Event Participation

Being able to view an archived video is great. But nothing beats the experience of viewing something live.
Maybe you have offices in Seattle, Washington and staff in an Atlanta, Georgia office. Sure you could send the Atlanta staff a DVD of the annual sales meeting, but if you can’t fly them in, why not let them participate live.
Taking digital photos is relatively easy. Posting them online is not so difficult either. Photo sharing sites such as Flickr make it very easy to do.
Archived video is a bit more difficult, but with a Flip camera, taking video and posting it online to, Youtube, Flickr or any other dozen video sharing web sites is very simple to do.
One thing that is relatively new, but could be important for smaller businesses is live streaming video. Larger businesses often have the money and technical resources to publish their stock holder meetings, management speeches and other happenings live, over the Internet. But for smaller businesses, they’ve often not even considered it.
Guess what? It’s not that hard for any business (or individual) to broadcast live video online either. It only takes a decent camera, computer and video streaming service. You can do it yourself at no cost. Of course the quality and professionalism of the broadcast will increase
Raj Jaswa, CEO of a new live streaming service Dynno says that In the business world, we are finding live, makes sense when the social interaction requires answers to questions like “how” and personalization and customization questions. In addition, Dynno claims to be easy to use, better quality and more economical than its more expensive competing live streaming services.

To test the waters of live streaming video, get a smart techie to do live streaming video for your, with no cost for a live streaming video service. Use a free one like and your own video camera and computer.
If you find your remote audience likes it, you can opt to use a better quality service (with no advertising) and a professional company who can provide possibly more advanced features than a free service can.
Streaming video is not as “cheap” as posting a video on YouTube or Facebook. But if you compare the costs of flying in 100 or 500 persons, it’s a lot cheaper.
Expect to pay from from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month, depending on the length of your streaming video and how many people are viewing it. Dyyno Business Channel is $100/month for 10 channels with up to 100 concurrent viewers, in any combination.
For your next sales meeting, instead of leaving out 200 customers who cannot attend, as they are hundreds of miles (or more) away from the meeting venue, consider the return on investment to stream the video, live, to those who cannot attend and let them be a part of the video, while saving travel costs.