Digital File Sharing 101. Memeo: New File Sharing Service

Memeo Inc., recently launched Memeo Send, an application for transferring large files.
There are so many services that help you transfer files, including,, All of these services help you take a large file, that usually can’t go via email and transfer it to someone else. The recipient of your email transfer clicks on a link to download the file.
I asked Hong Bui, CEO of Memeo, some questions about his service and about file transfer services overall.
What makes Memeo Send different?:
We like to think of Memeo Send as the UPS or FedEx of your digital life. Here are some differentiators:

  • We have ala carte pricing, no subscription is required
  • There are no file size limitations
  • We think it’s just plain easier to use than others
  • Our LifeAgentĀ® Technology allows the receiver to begin downloading while the sender is still uploading – making the experience better and faster.
  • It’s convenient as the receiver can download via Web browser or desktop application
  • Tracking features and download confirmation notifications are standard for this product where many others require higher level “memberships” for these features
  • If your upload or download is interrupted with an Internet outage (of you have to leave) the program will continue where it left off when you restart – you don’t need to start over with Memeo Send.

Memeo has a substantial history of “simplifying your digital life” and has downloaded over 22 million licenses for its various products over the years. We understand the user’s needs and have thoughtfully created an easy to use, inexpensive, reliable, robust offering in Memeo Send. Lastly, Memeo has top notch technology talent, from Apple, Amazon, Seagate and other companies. We have some of the best minds in technology developing our products

When choosing a file transfer service what are some things one should consider?
There really isn’t a universal set of criteria. On a very basic level, of course, the file needs to get to the right people quickly and securely. Outside of that, there are so many different needs for both consumers and business customers: Simplicity of the application, convenience of the download (either a desktop application, online or both), simple and reliable auditing and tracking, and a fair price. We think people like that – they won’t have to lock into monthly pricing plans with Memeo Send.
Privacy concerns – are they something one should be worried about when using an online file storage system?
Nothing is perfect and online storage is no exception. You have probably read recent horror stories about online storage companies going out of business overnight and taking all of their customer’s data with them. Fortunately, we have been in this business for a long time. We always recommend that people backup both locally and online. It’s just a smarter way to secure data. Products like Memeo Backup do just that. Our customers love it.
Is the service free or is it $.99 per 2GB?
It’s free for the first three trials. After that, it’s 99 cents per 2GB file (this includes sending to up to 5 people). We believe our application offers a great service and a great value!
Memeo is using’s servers to host data – correct? Why are many companies doing this?
Yes, that is correct. Amazon has invested tremendous amounts of money to make their infrastructure redundant and scalable. We think it’s the best infrastructure in the world. Our goal is to build a top notch service and we want the best for our customers in terms of scalability and security.
For companies using FTP to transfer files, what’s your advice to them? Is it ok?
Of course. As you know there are a lot of ways to send large files – FTP being one of them. However we believe Memeo Send is a simpler solution that makes it easier for the company to use and for the recipient of the files too. It’s always a two-way solution. Feel free to steer those companies in our direction for a free trial. We think we can win them over.
What role do online collaboration sites such as, HyperOffice, Microsoft Sharepoint and other tools have?
These collaboration sites focus primarily on centralizing files in the cloud and making files accessible from multiple points. They focus less immediately on transactional approaches requiring an individual or business to move specific files instantly to another party. In theory, collaborative sites could claim that files could be made available to third parties after being posted to the cloud. Again, collaboration sites core focus is on central access, versus transactions.