Purchasing Your Next Cell Phone With Applications In Mind

Cell phones are great tools for communication. As any serious mobile professional will tell you, one of the most important parts of a cell phone, other than the phone itself and the quality and reliability of the network, is the applications it uses.
For example, Verizon Wireless suggests three cell phone productivity applications:

  • Miles to Go provides small businesses a convenient way to track their car’s mileage and oil changes, and estimates the yearly mileage, vehicle recalls and alerts. Employers can keep track and maintain their company vehicles.
  • Time Card enables employees to clock in/clock out; indicate they are on a break; and choose their current job from a list of tasks, job numbers or customer names.
  • Field Force Manager is a location-based mobile resource management tool that provides businesses with the ability to locate, monitor and communicate with their mobile field workers. With Field Force Manager, business managers get valuable insight into their mobile resources so they can get the right people to the right jobs, increase customer satisfaction and improve productivity.

What does this mean for your business
The next time you go to buy a cell phone for yourself, or several cell phones for your company, beyond considering the form factor of the cell phone, the carrier and the data/voice plan, also consider what applications should be used with the phone.
Are there enhanced mobility solutions you should be considering so you can move from paper or PC based applications to mobile applications?
Can you boost the productivity of your mobile professionals by enable them to access company data, perform authorizations and more – all with a cell phone while out of the office?
Listen to two Verizon Wireless executives talk about small business, mobility and more:

Howard Waterman, Executive Director, Public Relations, Verizon Wireless – the case for Verizon Wireless

Bruce Simon, Regional Director, Wireless Data, New York Metro, Verizon Wireless – small business and mobility