Stop Losing Money. Accept Credit Cards Through Your Cell Phone

Thumbnail image for cell-phone-money.jpgI’ve been to many exhibitions and outdoor street fairs and one thing they have in common is that many of the exhibitors or vendors are not able to accept credit cards. They take cash, but many of the people passing by (people like me) do not always carry cash and in some cases simply prefer to pay for goods and services with a credit card.
One solution, which requires no extra hardware, is to use a mobile and wireless payment solution.
Transaction Wireless, a mobile commerce payment and marketing company, recently announced an agreement with PayPal to power the company’s Charge Credit Card Terminal allowing small merchants to accept credit card payments virtually anywhere, securely and conveniently using only a mobile phone and a PayPal account.
I love PayPal. It’s fast, easy to use and quite secure. So if Transaction Wireless is partnering with PayPal, I’m sure the end result is good.
What’s powerful about mobile wireless solutions is that businesses don’t even have to ensure they have a telephone line or power supply when they are mobile or away from their offices. They only need a cell phone to process credit card transactions.
Of course having a notebook computer with a long lasting battery (like the Dell Latitude E6400 I have on loan from Dell) can be useful as well. But then you have to ensure there is WiFi or you have a broadband wireless account.
Your cell phone battery can often last, all day – much longer than your laptop battery for sure.