Technology Can Be Your Time Machine If You Let It

Thumbnail image for timechangclockandman.jpgFor those who know me really, really well, they know I’m always thinking of new ideas and things to do.
One thing I have been thinking about is a time bank. A system wherein, if I have 2 hours of nothing to do I can give that time to someone else who might need the time to finish a project. Maybe I’ll win the noble prize for the idea and can use the money to create the first time bank or “TEX” – Time Exchange System.
Until that time comes, I’m always on the hunt for what technology tools I can use to SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY or be MORE PRODUCTIVE. If you want your business to grow you must do the same.
For example, I recently (as in last night) signed up for QuickBooks Plus Online ($16 a month) and never again have to spend time reconciling bank accounts. I never have to visit my bank’s web site either. How refreshing and ultra productive. QuickBooks Online does it for me automatically!
Here’s another example. For the past year or so I’ve used Palm’s Treo. It’s a fine phone, but the rounded keyboard makes it difficult for me to type as fast as I want to. I’m now testing out HTC’s TouchPro 2. It has a touch screen (like the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm) and also has a slide out keyboard. Bottom line, I can type much faster – in addition to a whole bunch of other cool features and tools I’m testing out.
I wrote about other tech tools to boost productivity on Skype’s blog recently.