Turning Customer Calls Into A Revenue Engine and Productivity Booster

Think about how busy your business gets during the course of the day.
Think about how much the phone rings. Customers are calling for your hours of operation, directions and other things that you repeat several times a day.
Think of all the work you are not getting done due to you and your staff having to answer the phone.
Think about the opportunities you just might be missing due to NOT answering the phone.
Telephones are a necessary evil. Even though email is hugely popular, as we all know, telephones are still an important communication tool. Remember, not everyone can (or thinks to) look at a web site for information. Not everyone can find the information they need even when they do first look online. Sometimes a phone call is what is best.
I was recently looking at a very innovative service from FonGenie which can help turn every phone call into a possibly revenue generating call!
FonGenie provides an “interactive response” system for incoming callers. What’s neat about it is that it’s all web based and you can program the system by typing. No need to record the voice prompts. FonGenie reads what you type, so you don’t have to record it with your voice. If your customers are used to a natural, human voice, they’ll have to adjust to the mechanical nature of FonGenie’s computer generated voice.

The wow feature about FonGenie is that since it’s so simple to update (even via cell phone text message, for example) FonGenie encourages you to have a “daily” special (or hourly special) as a menu button on your phone, in addition to prompts for your address, hours of operation and other information that might be easily answered through a phone menu.
Using FonGenie’s call analysis you can then know what voice prompts were most popular and dynamically program your voice prompts and more importantly your “specials” accordingly and immediately.
According to FonGenie’s web site, FonGenie does not replace contact with your customer business calls – it enhances it. With FonGenie you are able to give information to your customers prior to speaking with a representative. (Our statistics show that many callers are first choosing to hear about “specials” and “incentives” prior to choosing to be transferred to an agent.) It has been proven that an informed customer is more likely to buy.