Two Backup Options: Create Your Own Online Backup Solution or Distribute Your Data Locally

Thumbnail image for storage.jpgSecuring your data from hackers is only one part of a strategic plan to completely secure your data. What makes the other half is to backup your data so that if the data is compromised you can get back in business and retrieve your backed up data.
For my personal computer, I use to backup my data, which I pay $50 a year for. I now have 5 computers in my home office, including my blue Dell Latitude E6400 (on loan from Dell) and like many growing businesses, wondering if another storage solution is best for my growing storage needs.
There are so many backup solutions on the market that are ideally suited for growing businesses. Two solutions I recently looked at provide quite different methods of data backup – 3X backup appliance and Symform.
3X uses a backup appliance that connects to the Internet. You can get an unlimited number of licenses (for your desktop computers, servers, notebooks) to enable them to backup their files to the 3X appliance. Instead of having your data backed up to the servers of 3rd party provider, like Carbonite, you can become your own online backup company.
The cost is $2,500 for an unlimited number of users and there are three different sizes ranging from 250GB to 125GB to 100GB of data. If you need to backup Exchange or a SQL database 3x can backup these systems as well.

You could have a 3X appliance in another state, and ensure that your data is not only backed up, but backed up off site.
Symform has an entirely different solution. They charge $15 (the price for channel partners, your price will be a bit more) for unlimited data storage. Your data is stored on your own local network via secure and redundant hard disks. The encrypted data is also distributed throughout the internet and stored in a distributed format on storage systems arrange in a storage “collaborative”.
Symform’s principle is that the same amount of data you require, you then give up that amount of space for
the “collaborative storage” and share your storage with others in the Symform network.
Symform does not store any of your information on its own servers, but manages the “directory” of where your data is located – on your own local storage system and double-backed-up on an array of storage systems throughout the Internet.
The advantage of Symform’s system is that your data is locally accessible, low cost, and geographically dispersed to enhance disaster recoverability.
There are so many solutions to backup your data, whichever one you choose, make sure you are PROPERLY backing up your data and that in the event of a disaster you can quickly recover your data and applications. Having 10,000 customer records is no good if the computers, servers and programs you need to use to access the data are not up and running.