Archive of September 2009

Finding Experts In A Web 3.0 World

Finding an expert in marketing, sales or web development is relatively easy. You can ask friends and colleagues. Freelance marketplaces, such as Elance, make it easy, as well. However, there’s a lot of expertise needed for businesses who are using more web based applications. Think of Zoho‘s platform (CRM, database, and so much more). It’s […]

Your Small Biz Grows Up: It Needs Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence is something that many larger businesses use, but smaller businesses don’t really figure it into their needs. Being smaller, they’re often busy putting out fires and just trying to maintain the profitability levels they have. Investing in business intelligence (BI) software, implementing it and using it, is something they don’t think they need […]

9 Tips For Outside IT Expertise Success

Yehuda Cagen of technology company Xvand Technology Corporation knows what businesses need and don’t need when it comes to outsourcing IT expertise and support. She offers 9 “secrets of success” to ensuring the IT expertise you hire, results in a positive experience for your company. Establish business outcomes to ensure measurability and accountability Determine the […]