Business Plans Are Not Just for Startups: Happy Birthday Palo Alto Software

Growing your business from one employee to two employees is not that hard. But taking it from two employees to 25 employees, to one hundred employees and more is a lot more difficult.
We all know that when applying for a loan and seeking venture capital funds you simply have to have some sort of business plan. But we often forget about one important audience, ourselves. A business plan is not only needed for 3rd parties involved with providing funding to us in one shape or another, a business plan is an important, strategic document to help guide our growth. Like a good road map on a trip, it helps us know where we have been, where we are and where we are going.
If you want to grow your business you need a PLAN of action in how you will get from here to there.
Happy Birthday to Palo Alto Software’s Business Plan Pro which celebrates 15 years of business. Celebrate your own success by using Business Plan Pro to help you think of things you might not normally be thinking about, as was mentioned by one of their customers in an online ‘Customer Gallery&#8217. The gallery was created to showcase some of its customers who have found that using a business plan was essential to their business growth.
“When Business Plan Pro was created, our goal was to provide software that would help businesses succeed through better strategy and planning,” stated Palo Alto Software founder and Business Plan Pro creator Tim Berry. “An entrepreneur’s most powerful tool is a detailed blueprint of when, why, and how to do things that make or break any business; not just when the business is starting, but as a continuous process. We believe that in business, if you plan for rain you will never get wet.”