Can Your Web Site Cook, Clean, Wash Clothes and Make Money?

Everyone reading this, I would guess, does NOT have a web site that can cook, clean, wash clothes and make money. However, there is no reason everyone’s web site should not make money.
Making money does not mean you have to even sell anything, but making money does mean your web site should be able to enhance customer service, bring in sales leads, enhance your brand or do something which in the end does make money.
For example Coilcraft is a manufacturer of electronic components for customers in the telecommunications, computer, instrumentation and consumer electronics industries. When colleagues prompted John Stellberg, Coilcraft’s Director of Marketing Communications, to add click-to-call to the company’s website, he was admittedly skeptical of whether the technology would make a difference.
Stellberg added Bold Software’s BoldCall Express (I covered this product in May) “click to call” to his web site to enable customers to click a button and have Collcraft call them ( video uses a feature like this).
What’s the lesson of this story?

If your web site is lying dormant and NOT generating revenue, it’s time to consider adding tools to your web site (such as click to call) that will enable your web site to MAKE MONEY.
First and foremost your web site must be well designed, easy to use and all the things I write about in “10 Web Site Musts“.
Once you do these things, it’s time to sit (or stand) with your web developer and consider what technologies you need to add to your web site.
Simple things to consider are “share this with a friend” to enable people to share your web site content with others via email, Facebook, Twitter or other avenues.
Many of these added features are free and most are quite economical. BoldCall Express costs just $14.99 per month and includes 100 minutes of U.S. or Canada talk time.