Ditching The Toys and Getting Productive With Your Phone

cellphones.jpgWe are well past the moment when having a phone is a status symbol. Most professionals and just about everyone else has a cell phone. The ones who don’t have cell phones simply don’t want one, for the most part.
What is missing, however, is more professionals ensuring they have productivity apps on their phones – not just fun ring tones – but I mean real productive applications. In the same way that computers are mere appliances on which we use hosted applications or traditional software, our phones (BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre, and array of Windows Mobile devices) need to be “empowered” with mobile appliances to make us as productive as possible.
For example, Sabre Travel Studios, a division of Sabre Holdings, announced today that TripCase, is now available for download on Research in Motion’s Blackberry devices via www.tripcase.com. Previously available only on the iPhone, TripCase provides post-booking toolkit for business and leisure travelers to stay organized, informed and connected when they travel. One-click access to the user’s most important trip details and notes to help reduce painful travel experiences.

  • Automatically import or trip details from TripCase’s thousands of connected travel partners or manually add flights, hotels and rental car information
  • Up-to-the-minute notifications about flight delays, cancellations and gate changes; security wait times and baggage claim information; and hotel and car rental status alerts
  • TripLog allows users to share their travel experiences, information, photos and plans with family, friends and colleagues

Some applications cost money, some applications are free. But don’t let the cost (albeit quite minimal and nominal most times) stop you.
Apple has taken the world by storm with thousands (I’m guessing – or more) of applications for the iPhone. Palm’s Pre (in partnership with Sprint) is loaded with new applications. Windows Mobile phones have a lot of applications .
Handango has been around for a LONG time and has thousands of applications you’ll find not just interesting but down right productivity enhancing.
Stop talking so much on your phone. Stop thinking wondering what your kid is typing on their phone. Instead, get productive on your own phone and help your employees be more productive on their phones.