Fashionable Businesses and Fashionable Technology.

I keep old technology. I have a Hand Spring Visor, the precursor to Palm’s line of products. I have a Dell PDA – now discontinued. I’ve got several notebook computers (Dell, Gateway, IBM). I even have a Casio BOSS and Sharp Wizard.
The upgrades expected from technology 10 and 5 years ago was not so much the look but was all about how much faster the device could run, enabling new and more powerful software to run.
What we are seeing in recent days, as notebooks and other computer hardware are about as fast as they are going to get, is the look.
HP’s newest line of notebooks, for example, are definitely freshly upgraded with more power and features (including longer batter life), but their main thrust is bold, new designs.
I think about HP’s HP’s Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje. The design of the computer is something that belongs with a business owner who wants to complement a fashion statement.
HP’s ProBook 5310m, is the world’s thinnest full-performance notebook, claims HP, and looks subtly fashionable, from the outside magnesium frame to the inside shiny black. These two notebooks are just a small sample of the new designs from HP and what you can expect to see from other vendors as well.
The days of using a computer that looks ugly are long gone. I was in Starbucks yesterday and saw someone using a bright red, Dell Studio notebook. I’m typing this on a Blue Dell Latitude E6400 (on loan from Dell).
The question for business owners is pretty simple, do you want a computer that looks nice or do you want a computer that makes a fashion statement.