Faster Mobile Broadband Is Coming. Really.

train-fast.jpgI’m sitting in an Amtrak car, going from Washington to Newark and Verizon Wireless’ broadband connection is working quite well. The speed is quite acceptable for using email and browsing the web. But for Skype calls or watching streamed moves it’s going to be quite a challenge.
Remember WiMax. Well the speed challenge will vanish when you get WiMax on your notebook computer. It’s faster than WiFi and has a longer range.
The New York Times writes By the end of the year, the service will be in 25 markets, including Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas. A year after that, it hopes to reach about a third of the country’s population, including New York and San Francisco.
Verizon Wireless will not start to unveil its 4G network until the middle of next year. And AT&T will come out with its upgrade a year later, although its 3G technology can be upgraded to offer much faster speeds than the system used by Sprint and Verizon.

As with the adoption of WiFi, I expect the rate to start with a trickle of users and then as more people use the service, the price will go down and more WiMax towers will go up. I expect that in a few years computers will come by default with WiMax antennas as they now do with WiFi antennas.
Mobile broadband is not a “luxury” item like broadband in the home. At a rate of $50 or so per month, it’s still a bit pricey for some. However, for highly mobile business professionals who are not going to rely on a cell phone, an Internet connected computer is a must. A high-speed Internet connected computer is even better.