Is Excel Starving Your Productivity? Use A True Database.

empty-plate.jpgMany of us (those older than 35?) grew up using Microsoft Excel to manage and track all sorts of data. Excel is very simple to use, you just type and press enter and it automatically keeps everything in order.
However, a true database, is really what you should use to enable customer lists, inventory, employee records and all sorts of other data to be easily stored and mined for information.
While software databases, such as Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro are still popular, the use of hosted databases is becoming the rule for many smaller businesses.
ZD Net reported that Google Base is now being replaced with Google Merchant center, for those with products.
Today collaboration company HyperOffice announced that it has released HyperBase, an online database.

“Spreadsheets and traditional database management software like Microsoft Access lock data away inside one user’s computer,” said Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice. He added that “HyperBase is an ideal alternative to Microsoft Access and other traditional database software. It moves this data to the web, where it can be shared with colleagues, managers and clients anywhere on the planet, using public web sites, private Intranets and mobile devices, including smartphones.”
If you have been locking your data inside of Excel or a software based database, it’s time to free your data and boost your productivity by using an online database tool.
You’ll find that not only using a database makes it easier to find the intelligence behind the data in your database, but buy posting it online you can make it instantly and easily accessible to any authorized user.
Other online database vendors include Intuit’s QuickBase, Trackvia, Caspio and DabbleDB

2 thoughts on “Is Excel Starving Your Productivity? Use A True Database.

  1. Grant Wickes (@gwickes)

    Ramon: completely agree! As we survey our customers, we find that Excel was the #1 tool used to track things like inventory before they implemented our inventory solution.
    What’s truly incredible is the significant time and money saved when these customers move from Excel to one of the specific databases to track things like inventory (supplies, parts or products) or fixed assets (IT equipment like computers or tools, equipment).
    A customer saved over $36,000 in the first year, paying for the system in less than 2 months when they moved from Excel to track replacement parts with an inventory tracking software. Or a small HVAC service company that saved over $40,000 in labor costs because Excel just couldn’t manage their stock properly.
    There are many, many other examples… so thanks for pointing out this opportunity to the readers.
    Using excel can be convenient because most businesses already own it. But using a database designed specifically for a task will deliver significant improvements to their business.

  2. Pankaj

    Thank you so much for the coverage Ramon :). The SaaS model allows growing businesses the benefits of database software right from their web browser, and as a simple solution that anyone can use. In addition to sharing and organizing data online, HyperBase users can also quickly create online forms, and automate common business processes like CRM, lead tracking, support ticketing through do-it-yourself database applications.
    We would like to use this opportunity to announce an offer for readers. The first 15 small businesses to call in within this week will get an annual 5 user license of HyperBase ABSOLUTELY FREE! All you need to do is mention the code “Ramon”.
    Our website is
    Our contact number is – 301 255 0018

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