Liaise: Amazingly Intelligent Email Enhancement

email2.jpgOur regular email communications are filled with messages like “John, please get me the status report tomorrow”; or “Steve, the client wants the project delayed for 3 days”.
Of course many emails are much, much more substantive than this, but the “to do” emails are often filled with directives that we translate to tasks on our Outlook (or other) to do lists.
Liaise is an awesome new tool, that serves as an add-on to Outlook which intelligently reads your email messages and picks out the action item, prioritization and time line (now, later, next month) of the message.
Future editions are expect to connect with other email services/programs and include a hosted (online) version.
Instead of you having to keep track of the various “to dos” within your email messages sent and received, Liaise intelligently does this for you. At the end of the day, Liaise will have intelligently put together a trackable task list for you, based on your email communications.
According to their web site:
Liaise gives your communications context. Incoming assignments are automatically captured, cataloged and prioritized for appropriate action. You also receive concise summaries, calendar integration and on-demand reports to help you easily manage your projects and track your progress.
Technology is a tool to help you GROW your business. The challenge is finding and using tools that can best help you do this. Liaise looks like a first class winner that every business, in particular which relies on team work, should consider.
It’s in beta (and free for now) so give it a spin.
What does this mean for your business?
Liaise is a hot product, but there are so many hot products on the market that you need to take the time to see how you can strategically implement these solutions, tools and services into your business. It’s that simple. If you are going around and using just the mere basics of technology then you are NOT leveraging technology so it can be used as a TOOL to grow your business. It’s that simple.