Three Rock Solid Tips For Boosting Online (Blog) Visibility

three.jpgEveryone wants a blog but there are few people who really know what it takes to have a blog done right. A blog “done right” means what? That you are getting your customers to read it, that hopefully a decent percentage of them are taking the action you want them to (buying something, downloading a report, etc).
Some companies think a blog should be all about their company. This is not the case for the most part. The blog can be just about your company if you have a blog to just blog about company specials, that’s one thing. But for the most part your blog should be information rich and a joy to read and be related to the things you sell.
For example, my friend Jeff Silbert, of Order of Magnitude is a business growth consultant. Not long ago he started a blog focused on executives of high growth companies. It’s interesting, entertaining and informative.
I was reading in B2B Online about a company, 3VR, which sells software to wade through hours of video capture by video camera, whose blog is a smashing success.
Their blog, In Hard Focus has content which is both educational and industry-focused, rather than promotional. One recent entry offered readers advice on how to choose to a video camera while another featured a transcript of a conversation with a university professor about smart cameras, reports B2B Online.
3VR’s founder tells B2B that three elements of his blog’s success is:

  • Have good content. (“If you can’t add to a reader’s knowledge, it’s not worth doing,” Russell said).
  • Participate in a conversation that can endure for a long time.
  • Keep content fresh by actively looking for new things to say.

So for all of you who have yet to publish a blog and for all of you who have a blog but know it needs improvement, remember, things are real simple: have great content that your audience will absolutely love.

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  1. Team The Rise To The Top

    Participating in conversation with your readers is a great way to keep readers intrigued and checking your site frequently. Also having good content and something to contribute to the conversation such as new ideas or tips for your readers is also a great way to boost your visibility, because then the reader will be more likely to pass on your article through other social media sites.

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