51 Tips for Saving Money on Technology

money-saving.jpgMy good friend Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends is the leading authority on all things small business. I guess it helps that she’s smart and has a ready smile.
Anita’s also a guru on technology for small businesses and has compiled a list of 51 tips for saving money on technology When you combine the power of Anita’s circle of friends and family, to put together tips for saving money on technology, you should really pay attention.
You can read the full list here.
Some of the money saving tips include:

  • Go Easy on Website Bells and Whistles
  • Use Software that Integrates With Other Applications
  • Keep Your Old Computers an Extra Generation
  • Barter With Other Small Businesses
  • Create Your Own Online Videos

Well these are just a few of the many tips. And what you’ll read are not just TIPS but a tip and an explanation of the tip. Quite powerful – check it out!