Deadly Information Silos: Integrating Your Application Data Online

For those of you using hosted applications as the foundation of your companies day to day business operations, one of the challenges you might be facing is the myriad of applications (both hosted and non-hosted) you have that are not integrated.
Maybe you have QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and HR data in various applications and then a few hosted applications such as
Having all of this information separated and not with the ability to bring it together and make useful business decisions is not good.
bMighty writes about a deal between Dell and “We’re starting to build a bridge for SMB customers — and especially Dell’s SMB customers — to get started with cloud computing,” explained Marc Stein, director of Dell’s SMB cloud strategy.
Stein cited research showing integration as the key pain point for small and midsize businesses, even above cost, and the new program is designed to make it easy to integrate with almost 100 popular SMB applications, including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage, ADP, Microsoft Dynamics as well as Oracle and MySQL databases and even homegrown databases. The goal of Dell & – CRM, Stein said, is to give customers a 360-degree view of their business, from customers, to employees, to billing, to manufacturing and fulfillment.

What does this mean for your business
As your business grows and your use of hosted applications increases it is important for you to integrate the various data streams of your business so you get as a complete and holistic view as possible of your entire business and not just pieces of it.

One thought on “Deadly Information Silos: Integrating Your Application Data Online

  1. Ferando Labastida

    I think Dell and are making the right move. I was the Director of Sales for a now defunct Internet start-up that went belly-up in 2000, and that was exactly our goal: to provide an integration platform for hosted apps.
    We’re actually providing integration for a lot of the applications mentioned in this article out-of-the-box: Quickbooks, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, AccountMate, because we see it as a critical factor for making our application work for small business owners.

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