If You’re Looking To Impress, A Mac is Not Necessary

There used to be two types of computer users. Those who were fashionable using Apple computers and those who were not fashionable using PCs. However, in an effort to LOOK better, computer vendors started designing computers that looked better and even had color. This is not a new trend, but one that’s been evolving over the years.
Nevertheless computers were still not “hot”, they were still not “sexy”. In fairness, Sony has always been producing aesthetically pleasing computers, but still not as slick as Mac.
This week, Dell introduced a computer, the Latitude “Z” line, which looks absolutely amazing and has some pretty neat and “wow” features. I was able to hold this computer a few weeks ago and loved its velvet-like skin and thinness.

The New York Times writes It glides onto a shiny, thin platform that fuels the laptop via an inductive charging mechanism much like you would find with a fancy toothbrush that recharges on a stand. The platform then uses wireless communications to link with a small, rectangular docking station that handles a connection to the office network and monitor
Today, I was speaking with Barry Moltz today about Windows 7. I explained to him that with the upcoming release of Windows 7 (and all its bells and whistles) combined with its rich set of features and a well design computer, the “cool” factor of Apple’s computers is diminished.
Dell does not have a lock on cool looking computers – HP has released very fashionable computers as well. Read my previous coverage here.

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