Is It Time To Use A Digital Catalog? No Bulky Binder

If your business relies on having a bulky catalog in your retail store it might be useful to consider using a touch screen instead. I think of the horrors of going with my wife to shop for fabric. We go in and she has to flip through dozens of catalogs of 24 inch thick binders of patterns.
What might be useful is if there were touch screen monitors that enable us to flip through the various designs, book mark the designs, review the final selections and then print out a receipt for purchasing at the counter or online.
What about your traditional catalog system? Is it time to get rid of it?
If you have a paper catalog, it’s not “cheap” to transfer the “analog” system to the digital system. Expect to pay for the monitors, the programming to create the digital catalog system and the process to transfer the paper catalog data to the digital system.
You should think of a digital catalog system as an investment in customer service and productivity and not as a cost. This does not mean you’ll decide to invest in a digital catalog system but this does mean that you’ll be thinking about it in the proper mindset.

  • Having said this, keep in mind that SOME customers might prefer to use the paper catalog.
  • Test the new system before rolling it out on a large scale. By first testing you can catch all the bugs and problems before they grow.
  • The new technology may not necessarily be for your business, but you should at least think about it.

In this regard, HP has a new touch screen monitor, the HP Touch Smart.