Killing Yourself With “Productivity” While Driving

driving-unsafe.jpgToo many people try to be “productive” by not paying attention when they drive.
We already have way too many distractions when we drive, from turning on the radio, to looking in the back seat at your children, to adjusting your mirrors and rolling down windows.
What many professionals add to these scenarios is “work” while driving. The work started with just talking on the phone, so localities created laws against speaking on the phone without hands free phones.
But now we have so much technology many of us are texting, replying to Twitter feeds, typing on netbooks and so much more that driving is even more unsafe due to our over-rushed society and belief that we have to be communicating with every second we have.
First of all, it is not very safe to drive, while distracted, in particular distracted by typing. Typing keeps your eyes off the road way too long.
Second of all, use that time you are driving to strategize, plan your next appointment, think about the past, consider how to do more to improve customer relationships.
The New York Times writes The Transportation secretary, Ray LaHood, called the broader phenomenon of distracted driving a “deadly epidemic” at a meeting on the issue in Washington.
Read the full, and quite sobering New York Times article here.