New (and Old) Tech For New Times: Virtual World of Services Boost Productivity

I was looking at the services of Turn Here, a video services company that you can arrange for a high-quality video production of your company, online. Turn Here takes care of getting video producers to your office and ensuring you receive the final project.
SpotMixer has a completely online service that enables you to create a video about your company. The video is made from customizable templates. Once the video is done you can then buy low cost TV air time and/or display the video online.
Elance, as many of you know has a huge network of freelancers, experts on just about everything, you can turn to to help your business grow.
What do these and other services mean for your business?

What this means is that with VERY little of your own infrastructure and at very low costs you can have all the services you need to run your business.
Think of Ring Central, Grasshopper, My1Voice and other virtual telephone services – including Google Voice.
For many companies a traditional telephone system is important, but for startups who have aggressive cash management challenges, being able to spend as less as possible while maximizing productivity is so important.
At BizTechDay 2009 one of the exhibitors MagCloud enables low cost magazine printing. Think about it, maybe you want to create a monthly magazine for your clients or customers. You don’t have to have your own magazine publishing infrastructure, but can outsource it all.
These are just a FEW of the many companies which provide low cost services, leveraging the distribution of the Internet, to help your companies do more than ever.
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