Onsite and Online Backup: The Twain Shall (Must) Meet

There’s a dilemma when considering how to backup your data of choosing between onsite backup (to an external hard disk, server, or optical media) or online backup (such as Carbonite, which I use).
Online backup is great for small amounts of data and recovering at most a few gigabytes of data, and it’s slow to download the data.
For your growing business one of the best solutions is to backup your data onsite (so you have immediate access to your data) but to also store it off site (so in case your location is inaccessible or severely damaged) so you can recover your data from an off-site location as well.
i365, owned by Seagate launched a new service EVault Offsite Replication Service. According to the press release the services provides an opportunity for customers to quickly and easily maintain a mirrored copy of their onsite backup data to the i365 Cloud
The advantage of a double backup (onsite and offsite) service cannot be ignored.
If your data is lost how soon can you recover it?
If you lose a few files or folders, you can use an online backup service to quickly and easily recover your files. If you lose an entire hard disk, having your files and/or the hard disk image onsite is the fastest and easiest way to recover the data.
Speak with your local technology advisor about what backup solutions are best for you.