Q: Why It’s the Best Time to Start a Business? A: Technology

I keep hearing over and over again that now is the best time to start a business. I heard this from experts at BizTechDay on several occasions.
The price of technology continues to fall. Computers are cheap. Web hosting is cheap. Online advertising is from free to cheap. I could go on.
Implix’s Founder and CEO Simon Grabowski, has an online marketing service, Get Response and one of Implix’s customers had conversion rates go up 200% in one week after using Implix’s video email marketing feature. This customer pays $17.99 per month for GetResponse and makes about $300 per week per campaign automatically because of video emailing.
Does this mean everyone who uses online marketing is going to be this successful or more? No. But it does mean that the barriers to success are much lower than they have ever been.
Whether you are thinking of starting a business or have one that needs a bit of invigoration and fresh customers – there is no time like the present to start and thrive.

One thought on “Q: Why It’s the Best Time to Start a Business? A: Technology

  1. Fernando Labastida

    We like it that technology has become the great democratizer, essentially allowing folks to start companies on a shoestring that they couldn’t do even two years ago! Another thing that the reduction in the cost of technology has enabled is for companies to grow quickly. Starting a business is just one step. Getting your company to the next phase, the growth phase, is a completely different step. You have to track expenses, make sure your inventory on-hand isn’t excessive, check your accounts payables and receivables, and determine what products are selling and which aren’t. The IT tools that enable you to measure these key performance indicators were once the domain of large businesses with 6-7 figure IT budgets; not any more. Kudos on a great article!

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