Spanish Restaurant (Brklyn) Online Marketing Lessons

This past weekend I was on the hunt for a Spanish restaurant (meaning an establishment making food of Latin cuisine) for my wife and her family – for a surprise birthday party.
Hear are a few lessons learned:
Google Local Search Engine Ranking Matters
To find some restaurants in Brooklyn, within a certain zip code, I typed “Spanish restaurant 11225” into my web browser, which defaulted to Google’s local search.
7 restaurants were in the top search results.
I used these results as a base and clicked on each link.
LESSON ONE: Optimize your local search results to get as high up in the search results as you can. OrangeSoda can help with local search result optimization.

Have an informative web site
Some of the 7 restaurants in the resulting search had very good (well designed) and informative web sites. Others did not and some others were middle of the road.
Keep in mind, I spent an entire day looking for the perfect venue. Also, I’m not a “phone guy” – I want to read menus, see photos, etc.
Your web site needs to be as informative as your clients want it. If I was looking for a good lawyer, having photos of an office is dumb. But showing that he or she can handle MY type of business needs is important.
Luz. When I called Luz, I left a message on the answering machine. About an hour later I got a call back from the owner. This really impressed me. I went back to their web site and view a video review of their restaurant on my9 News and this tipped the scales in their favor – to SEE the owner and talk to the owner on the phone.

There is NO one way to do online marketing, but there definitely are things you can do right and things you can do wrong.