Using Technology To Date Your Leads and Marry Your Customers

Many businesses have an email newsletter. Just about everyone has blogs. Most all have web sites. Everyone can sell online.
What is still missing is an integrated system to bring many of these tools together and turn them from tools of passive marketing into aggressive sales boosters. How?
Well just about all of use have an email newsletter. People sign up for it and we faithfully send them an email newsletter once a week or so.
However, if we want to really engage customers and get them to buy from us over and over again – we must initiate a specific plan to “date” them and “marry them”

Let’s think of our romance/committed relationships.
We’re interesting in finding a gal or guy to marry or spend serious time with. Maybe we are at a local restaurant, at a library, at the gas station, wherever – and we spot a potential “person of interest”.
What if we went over to the unsuspecting “person of interest” and expressed our desire to marry them. We have never met them before, mind you.
They’d probably think we were a freak.
Instead, what if we offered to help them pump gas or helped them clean up a spill or find a book.
We’ve just started a relationship with them. So we get talking more and more and have our first date. Things are progressing, we are learning about each other until one day we get married.
Strategic and automated marketing to your customers is no different.
Instead of merely capturing an email address or relying on our web site, automated marketing enables you to engage your customers based on various triggers or their interests.
For example, maybe you get thousands of customers to your web site, some buy, some download an article, others fill up their shopping cart but abandon it.
It is vitally important, if you want to BOOST YOUR SALES that you ensure you can automate how you engage customers.
Maybe for customers who buy a product (or a certain one) you send them a coupon for a 10% off of their next order. If they have not used the coupon in 30 days you remind them. Once they use the coupon, you thank them and ask them if they would like to send a friend a free coupon as well.
Do you get it?
Automating your marketing efforts enables you to reach out to your customers or potential customers. Over time, you’ll find more and more of your sales not coming from customers, but very loyal customers.
All About Spelling, Inc. is a family-owned business, that quadrupled its sales in the first year of using automated marketing (they used InfusionSoft).
“When we started the company three years ago it was based on a desire to fill the gap in providing a thoughtful method for spelling and literacy learning in the home,” says co-founder and owner Marie Rippel of her and her husband’s endeavor to turn their passion into a business. “We soon found that the demand was great, but we couldn’t keep up with it all, and had to settle for the sales we could handle. When a customer had a simple question, we’d have to spend valuable time just checking the shopping cart, e-mail and paper systems to find the answer. Now, it’s all in one place. Things like tasks and notes can be added right into the customer record, email campaigns can be started and stopped and records of sales and refunds are simple to locate.”
If you are serious about growing your business, conducting “business as usual” is not going to help. You’ve got to get out of Excel and manual marketing and automate your marketing efforts.