Winning the Struggle for a Paperless Office Is Achievable

A paperless office seems like something that just can’t happen. With the amount of paper faxed to us, that we print and that comes in the mail – the paperless task seems quite daunting.
However, one tool that definitely can help is a good scanner. There’s dozens of good scanners on the market and one of them appears to be the Plustek SmartOffice PS282 Scanner i.

A paperless office has two elements that are important: a) the scanning hardware b) software to manage the scanned documents and help you retrieve what you have scanned.
Cabinet Ng is one of the leading vendors of scanning solutions for growing businesses and has a range of software solutions to manage scanned documents, access them remotely, integrate them with Outlook and more.
Digitizing paper documents is good. But ensuring your digitized documents can be found and are a part of your work flow and business processes is even more important, hence the need for a strategic and well planned document management solution.
While you may never have a 100% paperless solution, you CAN get close to it.