Are Your Dusty Backup Tapes A Liability? Is Online Storage An Option?

Even in this age of online backup, where so many companies are able to send their precious data to an online data center, many businesses still rely on tape backup.
Their tapes are stored in some closet with rat droppings, old boxes and piles of dust.
It’s time to change this.
Dave Minns, client services manager at Storage Guardian. “What we’re telling small-business owners, and the resellers and managed service companies that work with them, is that the time is right to migrate that information from those dodgy tapes to the safety of online backup. The economics make sense, and they’re assured that they conform to best practices in data storage.”
If your data is in a box of dusty tapes, CDs, DVDs or other media, it’s time to consider moving the data to online storage.

Online storage is one option for storing your data. While online storage is fine for user data that changes from day to day it’s critical that you image your computer’s hard disks so that your operating system and applications are also backed up. The image should be readily available so you can recover it quickly when needed.
Check out this presentation from Storage Guardian about how to consider storing your data.