Extending Your SmartPhone’s Functionality – Large Screen and Full Keyboard

redfly.jpg“Back in the days…” (like 2 or so years ago) I used a Targus external keyboard connected to a PDA (via Infra Red or direct) to type faster on my PDA.
Fast forward a few years and we now have smartphones much faster and more powerful than ever before. Notebook computers are also smaller, cheaper and faster. We also have netbooks.
However, there’s segment of users who want to not lose use their laptop and use their smartphone as much as possible. (See AT&T’s Lose The Laptop web site).
While a smartphone, properly configured is a great tool and can enable one to not use a laptop, to use it to type documents and get work done as close to a notebook enables you to do can be a challenge – at best.
Celio’s got a neat appliance, Redfly, which reminds you of a netbook without the brains. Redlfy is not a computer but is an appliance that shows your smartphones monitor, in a larger screen and gives you a full size keyboard.
If you decide to throw one of these $200 devices in your luggage the next time you travel, let me know how it works out for you.